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  • The Messier Marathon community mourns the loss of Don Machholz (October 7, 1952 - August 9, 2022), co-inventor and record-breaking Messier Marathoner. Don Machholz commemorative site
  • Messier Marathoners: If not already done so, please contribute your results! (2024 or earlier)
  • Messier Marathon Holders: Please notify us of any scheduled events for the Messier Marathon 2024!
  • A.J. Crayon's Analysis of Messier Marathons, as of April 27, 2015 - A.J.'s First Analysis as of 2011
  • Messier Features

  • Supernovae in Messier Catalog Galaxies - Supernova 2023dbc in M108 and 2023ixf in M101

  • Perseverance Mars 2020 Rover and Ingenuity helicopter doing science on Mars surface
  • Observe Mars during its 2024-2025 apparition!
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