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OS/2 is IMHO the most advanced operating system in the computer market from the technological point of view, i.e. its architecture and philosophy, even beyond the PC world. It is rich in its abilities to exploit the resources of a 32-bit PC appropriately, and has therefore the potential to support every reasonable PC application. The only minus is lack of support from many non-IBM (and even some IBM, according to the rumors) providers of PC software and hardware. But after a harsh startup, there is now many software around (often PD, freeware, or inexpensive shareware) to do most jobs, especially in programming, networking, and the office environment.

Some points that make OS/2 superior to other systems IMHO:

As examples and images say more than a lot of words, I have made some screenshots of my actual workplace (creating HTML files; working on the Messier pages under OS/2).

Links to important OS/2 sites will be added here soon; for now, look at this very preliminary linklist.

Every PC user beyond Dos should use OS/2, not Windows, IMHO: Of course you are better off if you can invest in more RAM (at least 6, better 8 MByte), so that you can run OS/2 - this should be considered, especially because with Windows need will arise to invest in RAM anyway, and then the better platform is OS/2.
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