Welcome to the AMES Archive

Back in the days before the Web, the Internet consisted of a few sites connected by e-mail, FTP, and a new thing called "netnews." In those days, a newsgroup which got 50 messages a day was considered "overloaded", fast modems ran at "1200 baud". The majority of people didn't know what the word "Internet" meant.

These were the days of the Ames archive. Originally populated by Peter Yee and Ron Blaake back in the late 1980's this archive just grew, with little organization. That is when I stepped in and devoted several lunch hours (Internet at home? Never!) to down loading these images, cataloging them, and making a file called "CONTENTS". Over the years, this file got updated a few time, but the archive was mostly ignored. That is until now.

This archive contains images from the Magellan Venus probe, Voyager images of Jupiter, Satrun, Uranus, and Neptune, Viking images of Mars, some early Galileo images, and LOTS of Space Shuttle images.

NOTE: If your web browser doesn't support tables, be prepared for information overload!

The archive is organized as follows:

Voyager Images of Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune Magellan Images of Venus Viking Images of Mars
Space Shuttle Images Galileo images from before the Jupiter encounter. Images which didn't fit in the other catagories
The entire archive sorted alphabetically.


  • Click on the image name in the first column to view the image.
  • Click on (JPEG) to view the JPEG version of the image if available (Jpeg images load faster then GIF images).
  • If you click on the "text file" or "file.txt" links your web browser will go into text mode to display the caption file
  • The size of the images are in Pixels, the size on your display may vary.
  • The links in the thrid and fourth column will give you more information on the subject of the picture.
  • Images are sometimes very big. Be perpared for long download times.
  • You may have to scroll your display to see the entire image.

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    Last updated 1/20/97 David Bishop (dbishop at vhdl.org)

    Disclaimer: This work was done by me in my spare time, it in now way reflects on NASA or my employer.