Ames Archive: Galileo Images

Image name Image size Object Taken by Caption
andes640x430EarthGalileoMosaic of the Andes mountains in South America taken from Galileo (caption)
antar1100x1100EarthGalileoGalileo image of Antarctica taken on its first pass (see README.galileo)
earthmo2630x480EarthGalileoEarth and Moon taken from Galileo
gaspra640x480GaspraGalileoSmall scanned image of asteroid Gaspra
gaspra1280x280GaspraGalileoInitial low resolution image of asteroid 951 Gaspra (UU file) (captioned)
gaspra2640x480GaspraGalileoComposite Black and White image, showing much of the landscape of 951 Gaspra
gaspra3640x480GaspraGalileoLarge color image of asteroid 951 Gaspra (text file)
gaspra4500x480GaspraGalileoMontage of 11 images taken by Galileo spacecraft of 951 Gaspra (text file)
Gaspra, taken from Galileo, and Phobes and Deimos taken from Viking (text file)
gllhga515x480GalileoBlack and White image of Galileo's backup High Gain Antenna
mideast480x500EarthGalileoColor image of North-East Africa and Arabia taken from Galileo (text file)
moonfals480x480MoonGalileoFalse-Color mosaic of the moon, showing part of the dark side (text file)
moongrid595x480MoonGalileoBlack and white image of the moon showing the North polar regions (text file)
moonpole475x480MoonGalileoClose up view of the north pole of the moon (text file)
ross610x513EarthGalileoRoss ice sheet, Antarctica, taken by Galileo on its first pass of Earth (see README.galileo)

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