AMES Archive: Voyager images

Image name Image size Object Taken by Caption
c1634554800x800CallistoVoyagerCallisto Moon of Jupiter, distant Blank and White Shot
c1636902800x800GanymedeVoyagerGanymede Moon of Jupiter, distant shot
c2039053800x800JupiterVoyagerzoom on jupiter's edge
c2039213800x800JupiterVoyagerfull Jupiter with a moon
c2039216800x800JupiterVoyagerzoom on jupiter's red spot
c2039404800x800JupiterVoyagernice zoom of Jupiter swirls
c2039513800x800JupiterVoyagerzoom on swirls
c2056059800x800JupiterVoyagerfull Jupiter with no red spot
c2056104800x800Io/JupiterVoyagerio and Jupiter
c2056106800x800Io/JupiterVoyagerio and Jupiter
c2056107800x800JupiterVoyagerfull Jupiter with a moon
c2056523800x800JupiterVoyagerfull Jupiter
c2056538800x800JupiterVoyagerfull Jupiter
c2056617800x800JupiterVoyagerfull Jupiter
c2056647800x800JupiterVoyagerzoom on Jupiter spots
c2056648800x800JupiterVoyagerfull Jupiter
c2056659800x800JupiterVoyagerhi zoom cloud swirl on Jupiter
c2056718800x800JupiterVoyagerzoom on swirls
c2056818800x800JupiterVoyagerzoom on swirls
c2056931800x800JupiterVoyagerfull Jupiter - no spot
c2060645800x800CallistoVoyagerCallisto - corner
c2061515800x800IoVoyagerio - large/clear
c2061530800x800IoVoyagerfull io - bright
c2062112800x800IoVoyagerfull io - darker (near edge)
c2062118800x800IoVoyagerfull io - dark
c2063121800x800GanymedeVoyagerGanymede - zoom lower left
c2063128800x800GanymedeVoyagerGanymede - full
c2063525800x800GanymedeVoyagerGanymede - big zoom upper left
c2063531800x800GanymedeVoyagerfull Ganymede (bigger)
c2063714800x800GanymedeVoyagerGanymede - zoom
c2063747800x800GanymedeVoyagerGanymede - zoom
c2063805800x800GanymedeVoyagerGanymede - half
c2063948800x800GanymedeVoyagerGanymede - zoom
c2064913800x800EuropaVoyagerEuropa - upper left
c2064922800x800EuropaVoyagerEuropa - left half
c2065952800x800EuropaVoyagerIo - bright crescent
c2066606800x800IoVoyagerIo - fuzzy but showing plume
c2069302800x800JupiterVoyagerring (planet cropped)
c3490825800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
c3491445800x580SaturnVoyagerMimas, moon of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
c3491456800x800SaturnVoyagerLarge image of Saturn, black and white.
c3491500800x800SaturnVoyagerClose up of Saturn, showing cloud formations on the planet.
c3493204400x400MimasVoyagerMimas, moon of Saturn, showing very large impact crater (see newfiles.txt)
c3493338800x580DioneVoyagerDione, moon of Saturn, showing surface pattern (see newfiles.txt)
c3493353800x580SaturnVoyagerRing plain, showing Mimas in the background (see newfiles.txt)
c3494034600x550MimasVoyagerMimas, moon of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
c3494245800x580EpimethVoyagerEpimeth, moon of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
c3494413800x580MimasVoyagerMimas, moon of Saturn, closeup (see newfiles.txt)
c3494458650x450DioneVoyagerDione, moon of Saturn, full view (see newfiles.txt)
c3494828800x580DioneVoyagerDione, moon of Saturn, close shot (see newfiles.txt)
c3495016800x520RheaVoyagerRhea, moon of Saturn, beginning of pass (see newfiles.txt)
c3495236700x580RheaVoyagerRhea, moon of Saturn, getting closer (see newfiles.txt)
c3495249800x580RheaVoyagerRhea, moon of Saturn, closer, good detail (see newfiles.txt)
c3495253800x580RheaVoyagerRhea, moon of Saturn, closer, darker image (see newfiles.txt)
c3495257800x580RheaVoyagerRhea, moon of Saturn, closest approach (see newfiles.txt)
c3495301800x580RheaVoyagerRhea, moon of Saturn, receding, good detail (see newfiles.txt)
c3495307800x580RheaVoyagerRhea, moon of Saturn, receding, good detail (see newfiles.txt)
c3495655800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn, showing spokes (see newfiles.txt)
c3500930800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn, looking back from below ring plain (see newfiles.txt)
c3501159800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn, looking back, shadow of rings on planet (see newfiles.txt)
c4364334800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn, showing ring spokes (see newfiles.txt)
c4365114800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn, closeup of ring spokes (see newfiles.txt)
c4377413800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn, even closer view of ring spokes (see newfiles.txt)
c4382023800x580SaturnVoyagerPlanet Saturn, full view of planet and rings (see newfiles.txt)
c4382105800x580SaturnVoyagerPlanet Saturn, closer full view of planet and rings (see newfiles.txt)
c4382544800x580SaturnVoyagerPlanet Saturn, with a moon passing over the surface (see newfiles.txt)
c4382558800x580SaturnVoyagerBrighter view of planet with a moon passing (see newfiles.txt)
c4390447800x580SaturnVoyagerCloseup view of the Rings of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
c4390644800x580IapetusVoyagerIapetus, moon of Saturn, partial phase (see newfiles.txt)
c4390716800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn, showing spokes (see newfiles.txt)
c4391339800x580IapetusVoyagerIapetus, moon of Saturn, closer view (see newfiles.txt)
c4392006400x400SaturnVoyagerSmall image of the planet Saturn, chopped off on the sides (see newfiles.txt)
c4392542400x400SaturnVoyagerPlanet Saturn, small and off center (see newfiles.txt)
c4392704400x400SaturnVoyagerPlanet Saturn, small centered and not chopped off (see newfiles.txt)
c4392718400x400SaturnVoyagerPlanet Saturn, not centered, but better resolution (see newfiles.txt)
c4392809400x400SaturnVoyagerPlanet Saturn, best of the "pocket sized" views (see newfiles.txt)
c4393426800x580TitanVoyagerTitan, moon of Saturn, showing cloud bands (see newfiles.txt)
c4393531800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
c4395906800x580HyperionVoyagerHyperion, moon of Saturn, small image (see newfiles.txt)
c4396347800x580HyperionVoyagerHyperion, moon of Saturn, closer image (see newfiles.txt)
c4396802800x580HyperionVoyagerHyperion, moon of Saturn, closest image (see newfiles.txt)
c4397458800x580HyperionVoyagerRings of Saturn with Hyperion in the background (see newfiles.txt)
c4397511800x580TethysVoyagerTythys, moon of Saturn, showing large impact crater (see newfiles.txt)
c4398906500x400EnceladusVoyagerEnceladus, moon of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
c4398946800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn, showing closeup of Casini gap (see newfiles.txt)
c4399602500x450EnceladusVoyagerEnceladus, moon of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
c4399725500x450EnceladusVoyagerEnceladus, moon of Saturn, closer image (see newfiles.txt)
c4399829800x580CalypsoVoyagerCalypso, moon of Saturn, little oblong moon (see newfiles.txt)
c4400044800x580EnceladusVoyagerEnceladus, moon of Saturn, close image (see newfiles.txt)
c4400357800x580TethysVoyagerTythys, moon of Saturn, good full view image (see newfiles.txt)
c4400412800x580EnceladusVoyagerEnceladus, moon of Saturn, closest full view image (see newfiles.txt)
c4400432800x580EnceladusVoyagerEnceladus, moon of Saturn, close and chopped off (see newfiles.txt)
c4400456800x580SaturnVoyagerlone distant ring, with small moon in foreground (see newfiles.txt)
c4400649800x580SaturnVoyagerRings of Saturn (see newfiles.txt)
earthmoo375x480EarthVoyagerClassic image of the Earth and moon, taken from Voyager, low resolution.
nept1800x580NeptuneVoyagerLow resolution shot of Planet Neptune, Black and White
nept2800x580NeptuneVoyagerThin Crescent of planet Neptune
nept3800x580NeptuneVoyagerAnother thin Crescent of Neptune
nept4800x580NeptuneVoyagerlow resolution shot of Neptune, possibly showing great black spot
nept5800x580NeptuneVoyagerAnother low resolution shot of whole planet
nept6800x400NeptuneVoyagerSmall low resolution shot (really 400x400) of Neptune
redspot505x480JupiterVoyagerColor image of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter from Voyager-1 (text file)
saturn617x480SaturnVoyagerView of Saturn from Voyager 2 (text file)

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