Ames Archive: Magellan Images

Image name Image size Object Taken by Caption
3d562x660VenusMagellan3D image of Lada Terra Region, (requires 3D glasses) (JPEG)(text file)
3d_b644x768VenusMagellan3D image, enlargement of 3d.gif, (requires 3D glasses) (JPEG)(text file)
akna640x480VenusMagellanAkna Mountains and Crater Wanda (Lakshmi Planum) (caption)
akna1640x480VenusMagellanAkna Mountains, enlargement of anka.gif
alcott640x480VenusMagellanAlcott Crater, Lavinia Region (caption)
alcott1640x480VenusMagellanAlcott Crater, Lavinia Region, enlargement of alcott.gif
alcott2640x480VenusMagellanA section of Alcott Crater, enlargement of alcott1.gif
alpha640x480VenusMagellanAlpha Regio, showing hills and craters (caption)
alpha1640x480VenusMagellanAlpha Regio, enlargement of a section of alpha.gif
alpha2640x480VenusMagellanAlpha Regio, enlargement of a section of alpha.gif
alpha3640x480VenusMagellanAlpha Regio, enlargement of a section of alpha.gif
ammavar1640x480VenusMagellanLada Regio, enlargement of ammavaru.gif
ammavar2640x480VenusMagellanLada Regio, enlargement of ammavaru.gif, interesting detail
ammavar3640x480VenusMagellanLada Regio, enlargement of ammavaru.gif
ammavar4640x480VenusMagellanLada Regio, enlargement of ammavaru.gif, good flow field
ammavar5640x480VenusMagellanLada Regio, enlargement of ammavaru.gif
ammavaru640x480VenusMagellanLada Regio, 47 deg S, 25 Long, showing mountains and craters (caption)
arach640x480VenusMagellan"Arachnoids" (spider like craters) at 40 Deg N by 18 degrees (caption)
arach1640x480VenusMagellanArachnoid, enlargement of arch.gif
arach2640x480VenusMagellanMore Arachnoids, enlargement of arch.gif
Comparison of Arachnoids region with Venera data (caption)
bahet640x480VenusMagellanBahet Corona, Onatah Corona, and Fortuna Region (caption)
bahet1640x480VenusMagellanEnlargement of behet.gif, interesting crater
bahet2640x480VenusMagellanEnlargement of behet.gif
channel640x480VenusMagellanVires-Akka Chasma, Denitsa Region (caption)
danu640x480VenusMagellanDanu Mountains, Lakshmi Planum (caption)
dsnall640x480VenusMagellanCrater Farm, Lavinia Region, small (caption)
dsntall640x480VenusMagellanNear the Lavinia Region, 20 deg S lat, 337.4 E Long, small (caption)
3D image of Gula Mons and Sif Mone, West Eistla Region (caption)
f00n357512x448VenusMagellancenter of Hengo Corona, Venus, 00 Deg N, 357 deg Long.
f05n357512x448VenusMagellannorth Hengo Corona with Crater Hellman, Venus, 5 Deg S, 357 Deg Long.
f05s357512x448VenusMagellansouth Hengo Corona
f10n0761024x768VenusMagellan10 Deg N, 76 East
f10s0931024x768VenusMagellan10 deg S, 93 East
f15n340512x448VenusMagellanBenten Corona in Guinevere Planitia
f20n351512x44VenusMagellanSif Mons
f20s1271024x768VenusMagellan20 deg S, 127 East
f20s357512x448VenusMagellanNorth West border of Alpha Regio
f25n345512x448VenusMagellanMesca and Purandhi Coronae
f25n351512x448VenusMagellanAudrey and Heidi Craters
f25s345512x448VenusMagellanCarson Crater
f25s357512x448VenusMagellanZhu Shuzen Crater in Alpha Regio
f30n0661024x768VenusMagellan30 deg N, 66 East
f30s357512x448VenusMagellanCrater Eve
f35n0771024x768VenusMagellan35 deg N, 77 East
f35n1571024x768VenusMagellan35 Deg N, 157 East
f35n2101024x768VenusMagellan35 Deg N, 210 East
f35s357512x448VenusMagellanCarpo Corona in Lavinia Planitia
f40s0111024x768VenusMagellan40 Deg S, 11 East
f40s349512x448VenusMagellanAntiope and Hippolyta Lineae in Lavinia Planitia
f45s0121024x768VenusMagellan45 Deg S, 12 East
f45s349512x448VenusMagellanCrater Brigit
f50s0131024x768VenusMagellan50 Deg S, 13 East
f50s356512x448VenusMagellanMolpadia Linea
f55n337512x448VenusMagellanClotho Tessera
f55n346512x448VenusMagellanSedna Planitia
f55s355512x448VenusMagellanMylitta Fluctus in Lavinia Planitia
f60n334512x448VenusMagellanDanu Montes, Craters Kartini, Lyudmilla, and Magnani
f60n344512x448VenusMagellanDanu Montes and Lakshmi Planum
f60s005512x448VenusMagellanEithinoha Corona
f60s355512x448VenusMagellanCrater Alcott and Jord Corona
f65n342512x448VenusMagellanSacajawea Patera in Lakshmi Planum
f65s001512x448VenusMagellantessera and flows east of Quetzalpetlatl Corona
f65s354512x448VenusMagellanQuetzalpetlatl Corona
f70n339512x448VenusMagellanCraters Grazina and Rita in Lakshmi Planum
ff02ff03800x512VenusMagellancinder cones showing aeolian deposits
ff18ff26800x512VenusMagellanCrater Aurelia (from F-MIDR.20N334;1)
ff19ff27800x512VenusMagellanCrater Danilova (from F-MIDR.27S339;1)
ff21ff30800x512VenusMagellanCrater Aglaonice, appears to be an enlargement of ff19ff27.gif
ff35800x600VenusMagellanSteep-sided volcanic domes in faulted lava field
ff42ff50800x512VenusMagellanCrater Saskia (from F-MIDR.27N339;1)
ff47800x585VenusMagellanCrater Magnani in Danu Montes (from F-MIDR.60N334;1)
ffbrow800x600VenusMagellanCraters Danilova, Aglaonice, and Saskia (from F-MIDR.27N339;1)
ffbrow1800x585VenusMagellanNorth west rim of Sacajawea Patera (from F-MIDR.65N330;1)
ffbrow2800x585VenusMagellanUorsar Rupes (from F-MIDR.75N332;1), Low hills with lava flows
ffbrow3800x512VenusMagellaneastern Freyja Montes (from F-MIDR.75N332;1), Lava flows
gedr-merc1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color Mercator image of Venus microwave emissivity (text file)
gedr-north512x512VenusMagellanFalse color microwave emissivity image of the Venus north pole (text file)
gedr-sinus1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color sinusoidal image of Venus microwave emissivity (text file)
gedr-south512x512VenusMagellanFalse color microwave emissivity image of the Venus south pole (text file)
gedrp3v2820x820VenusMagellanFalse color global emissivity map of Venus (JPEG)(text file)
True color global view of the surface of Venus (JPEG)(text file)
Smaller version of globe.gif (JPEG)
golubkina640x480VenusMagellanGolubkina crater, 60.5 Deg N, 287.2 Long (caption)
gredr-merc1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color Mercator image of Venus radar reflectivity (text file)
gredr-north512x512VenusMagellanFalse color radar reflectivity image of the Venus north pole (text file)
gredr-sinus1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color sinusoidal image of Venus radar reflectivity (text file)
gredr-south512x512VenusMagellanFalse color radar reflectivity image of the Venus south pole (text file)
gsdr-merc1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color Mercator image of Venus surface roughness (text file)
gsdr-north512x512VenusMagellanFalse color surface roughness image of the Venus north pole (text file)
gsdr-sinus1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color sinusoidal image of Venus surface roughness (text file)
gsdr-south512x512VenusMagellanFalse color surface roughness image of the Venus south pole V(text file)
gtdr-error1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color image showing accuracy of topographic data in gtdr-sinus.gif
gsdrp3v2820x820VenusMagellanRoughness map of the surface of Venus (JPEG)(text file)
gtdr637x344VenusMagellanColor-coded topographic map of Venus with shaded relief (JPEG)(see gtdrp3v2.txt)
gtdrp3v2820x820VenusMagellanTopographic view of Venus (text file)
gtdr-merc1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color Mercator image of Venus topography (text file)
gtdr-north512x512VenusMagellanFalse color topographic image of the Venus north pole (text file)
gtdr-sinus1024x512VenusMagellanFalse color sinusoidal image of Venus topography (text file)
gtdr-south512x512VenusMagellanFalse color topographic image of the Venus south pole (text file)
gulacun640x480VenusMagellan3D image of Cunitz crater, with Gula Mons in the background (caption)
gulamon1640x480VenusMagellanGula Mons, enlargement of gulamons.gif
gulamon2640x480VenusMagellanfurther enlarged version of gulmons.gif
gulamons640x480VenusMagellanGula Mons and Cunitz crater, flat image of gulacun.gif
gularif640x480VenusMagellan3D image of a rift valley on the West Eistla Region, near Gula Mons (caption)
gumby640x480VenusMagellanA structure which looks like "Gumby" in the Lavinia Region (caption)
landsld1640x480VenusMagellanLandslide discovery, Aphrodite Terra, enlargement of landslid.gif (UU file)
landslid640x480VenusMagellanLandslide discovery, Aphrodite Terra (caption) (UU file)
lavin640x480VenusMagellanLavinia region, 24 deg S, 344 Long (caption)
lavin1640x480VenusMagellanLavinia region, enlargement of lavin.gif, showing crater
lavin2640x480VenusMagellanLavinia region, enlargement of lavin.gif, lava flows
lavinia640x480VenusMagellanLavinia region, 50 deg S, 345 Long (caption)
lavinia1640x480VenusMagellanLavinia region, enlargement of lavinia.gif, interesting crater
lavinia2640x480VenusMagellanLavinia region, enlargement of lavinia.gif
magellan530x357MagellanBlack and white drawing of the Magellan Venus orbiter
magellan8640x480VenusMagellan8 small Magellan images of interesting features on Venus
magln1800x580VenusMagellanCrater Carson, 25 Deg S by 345 deg, high resolution, crater (text file)
magln10800x580VenusMagellanQuetzappetlatl Corona, 65 Deg S by 354 deg, lava flow (text file)
magln11800x580VenusMagellanUorsar Rupes, 75 Deg N by 332 deg, strange lava flows (text file)
magln12800x580VenusMagellanGula Mons and crater de Lalande, 20 Deg N by 357 deg, volcanos (text file)
magln13800x580VenusMagellanTessera and lava flows, 65 deg S by 5 deg (text file)
magln15800x580VenusMagellanRidge belts (Antiope Linea) in Lavinia Planitia, 40 deg S by 349 deg (text file)
magln17800x520VenusMagellanSedna Planitia south of Danu Montes, 60 deg N by 344 deg (text file)
magln18800x580VenusMagellanLakshmi Planum with craters Grazina and Rita, 70 deg N by 339 deg (text file)
magln19800x580VenusMagellanAlpha Regio, 20 deg S by 3 deg (text file)
magln2800x580VenusMagellanRidge and fracture belts in Lavinia Planitia (damaged GIF)
magln20800x580VenusMagellanIdemcuva and Nissaba Coronae, north of Gula Mons
magln21800x580VenusMagellanAlpha Regio
magln22800x520VenusMagellanSouthern margin of Alpha Regio
magln23800x520VenusMagellanCrater Lind
magln24800x520VenusMagellanLakshmi Planum
magln4800x520VenusMagellanGraben in Lavinia Planitia
magln5450x580VenusMagellanClotho Tessera
magln6800x580VenusMagellanCrater Alcott and lava flows
magln7800x520VenusMagellanDomes and flows in Lavinia Planitia
magln8800x520VenusMagellanCrater Alcott
magln9800x520VenusMagellanGraben in Lavinia Planitia
mgngr40e820x560VenusMagellanSurface gravity map of Venus (text file)
oddimpact640x480VenusMagellanKidney-Shaped crater in Navka Region of Venus
ovdac640x480VenusMagellanCentral Ovida region, 1 deg s by 83 deg (caption)
ovdac1640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of upper section of ovdac.gif
ovdac2640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of lower section of ovdac.gif
ovdac3640x480VenusMagellanfurther enlargement of upper section of ovdac.gif
ovdan640x480VenusMagellanNorthern Ovda region, 1 deg N by 81 deg (caption)
ovdan1640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of upper section of ovdan.gif
ovdan2640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of lower section of ovdan.gif
ovdan3640x480VenusMagellanfurther enlargement of upper section of ovdan.gif
pan10640x480VenusMagellanPancake Volcanos, alpha region (caption)
pancake1640x480VenusMagellanPancake Volcanos, enlargement of pancakes.gif
pancakes640x480VenusMagellan7 pancake volcanos, alpha region (caption)
pandora640x480VenusMagellanPandora Corona, Lada Terra 42.5 deg S 6 lng (caption)
pandora1640x480VenusMagellanEnlargement of pandora.gif, closeup of Pandora Corona
perspect640x480VenusMagellan3d image of Istar Terra
saca640x480VenusMagellanSacaawea Patera, Western Ishtar Terra (caption)
saca1640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of saca.gif
saca2640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of upper left of saca.gif
saca3640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of upper right of saca.gif
saca4640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of center right of saca.gif
saca5640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of lower left of saca.gif
saca6640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of upper center of saca.gif
sifflows640x480VenusMagellanSif Mons Volcano, Lava flows, 25 deg N by 35 (caption)
split640x480VenusMagellan"Half Crater", 23 miles in Diameter in rift between Rhea and Theia (caption)
split1640x480VenusMagellan"Half Crater", enlargement of split.gif
tick640x480VenusMagellan"The Tick", a crater which looks like a tick (insect), Eistla region (caption)
tick1640x480VenusMagellan"The Tick" again, enlargement of tick.gif showing some legs of the tick
tick2640x480VenusMagellan"The Tick" again, enlargement of tick.gif showing the head of the tick
twotick1640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of twotick.gif, left dome, 20 miles across, 3 mile summit crater
twotick2640x480VenusMagellanenlargement of twotick.gif, right dome, 30 miles across with a 13 mile crater
twoticks640x480VenusMagellan"Two Ticks", two volcanos, 18.1 deg N by 303.52 deg
vgram414x306MagellanBlack and white drawing of Magellan spacecraft (Venus orbiter)
volctail640x480VenusMagellanVolcano, 3 mile diameter, paragon chasma, 9.4S by 247.5 long
x-cut640x480VenusMagellanLakshmi Region, 30 deg N by 333.3 E

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