Ames Archive: Miscellaneous Images

Image name Image size Object Taken by Caption
Astflag320x240MoonApolloSide view of an astronaut on moon in front of a flag (text file)
Astonmon320x240MoonApolloFront view of astronaut on the moon (text file)
DC3600x480DC3ArtImage of the DC3 in space launching a satellite (JPEG)(text file)
H2-1a312x469H2Japan's H2 booster lifting off
H2-1b328x460H2Japan's H2 booster on the launch pad
Moonfoot320x240MoonApolloA footprint on the moon (text file)
SSTO21618x1185SSTOArtSingle Stage to Orbit spacecraft (JPEG)(TexT file)
SSTO3D1082x819SSTOArtDrawing of the interior of an SSTO concept spacecraft (JPEG)(text file)
SSTOLADC2169x1483SSTOArtDrawing of the Skunk Works Aero-Ballistic Rocket, SSTO, in orbit (JPEG)(text file)
astro-d1312x416Astro-DGround shot of ASTRO-D, Japanese X-Ray Observatory (text file)
astro-d3587x397Astro-DDrawingDrawing of ASTRO-D spacecraft, showing location of instruments (caption)
atlascnt1159x892CentaurArtArtist concept of the Centaur rocket booster in orbit, drawing of Atlas in BG.
atlashyb901x1241AtlasArtArtist concept of an Atlas rocket on the launch pad
cassini610x480CassiniArtist rendering of the Cassini spacecraft in Saturn space (text file)
dc-y893x1089DC-YArtist concept of DC-Y SSTO with insert of engine firing.
dcx01393x468DC-XDC-X vehicle on 09/10/93, the day before its second launch (text file)
dcx02562x825Peopleshows Ken Jenks arguing with Jerry Pournelle on 09-11-93, before launch of DC-X
dcx03402x543DC-Xshows the DC-X on its first bunny hop, or Hover test (Text file dcx00.txt)
earth669x663EarthApollo-17Beautiful picture of the Earth, full phase.
earth2669x663EarthApollo-17Beautiful picture of the Earth, full phase. (same as earth.gif)
elnino345x480EarthTOPEXThree panels showing the monthly sea level changes due to El Nino
erthrise320x240Earth/MoonApolloEarthrise on the moon, as seen by Apollo 8 (text file)
erthrse2320x240Earth/MoonApolloEarthrise, showing more of moon then last one. (text file)
exlaunch390x480Jupiter-CExplorer 1, first US satellite, on Jupiter-C booster launching
explorer640x410ExplorerExplorer 1, first US satellite
f16221171841x1546F16/F22/F117A YF22, flanked by an F16 and an F117A against a partially cloudy blue sky
h2pic312x476H-IIJapanese H-II rocket on the launch pad
hrms650x500AntennaOpening ceremony for HRMS, in front of the Goldstone 70 meter antenna(text file)
jpl610x480JPLAerial photo of Jet Propulsion Lab, taken in 1988
mercury370x480MercuryMariner-10Mosaic of photos of Mercury taken from Mariner 10 in 1974, more than half phase
oops1117x1265TridentTest of a sub launched Trident missile, spiraling to destruction
orexart552x380OREXDrawingDrawing of Orbital Re-Entry Experiment reentering the atmosphere
orexpic552x380OREXOrbital Re-Entry Experiment (OREX) in H2 assembly area
rd170847x1093RussianRD170 rocket engine, Russian
rd701766x1066RussianRD701 rocket engine, Russian
spacelft833x1209SpaceLiftArtist concept of the SpaceLift launch vehicle on crawler
tivcent1146x879CentaurDrawing of a Centaur rocket, with the outline of a Titan IV in the background
topex360x480ArianeThe launch of the Topex mission on an Ariane rocket, launch pad in background
toutatis530x540ToutatisFour radar images of Asteroid 4179 Toutatis made in December 1992 (text file)

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