International Space Station: Assembly Flight Sequence

Below please find the Assembly Flight Sequence Schedule for the International Space Station.

Note: Future launch dates are subject to frequent changes.

  • Also note our current ISS flight schedule (with additional Russian Soyuz/Progress and ESA ATV)

    Date       Flight  Launch    Element(s)
    Nov 1998 1A/R Proton Zarya Control Module (Functional Cargo Block - FGB) Dec 1998 2A STS-88 Unity Node (1 Stowage Rack) 2 Pressurized Mating Adapters attached to Unity May 1999 2A.1 STS-96 Spacehab Double Cargo Module May 2000 2A.2a STS-101 SPACEHAB/DM,ICC Jul 2000 1R Proton Zvezda Service Module Sep 2000 2A.2b STS-106 SPACEHAB/DM,ICC Oct 2000 3A STS-92 Integrated Truss Structure (ITS) Z1, PMA-3, Ku-band Communications System, Control Moment Gyros (CMGs) Oct 2000 2R Soyuz Soyuz, Expedition One Crew 3-Person Permanent Habitation Nov 2000 4A STS-97 Integrated Truss Structure P6, Photovoltaic Module, Radiators Feb 2001 5A STS-98 Destiny U.S. Laboratory Module Mar 2001 5A.1 STS-102 Logistics, Outfitting, Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Crew rotation: Expedition Two Crew Apr 2001 6A STS-100 MPLM (U.S. Lab outfitting) Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antenna, Space Station Remote Manipulating System (SSRMS) Jul 2001 7A STS-104 Joint Airlock, High Pressure Gas Assembly Phase II Complete Aug 2001 7A.1 STS-105 Donatello MPLM, Crew rotation: Expedition Three Crew Sep 2001 4R Soyuz Docking Compartment Module-1 (DCM-1) Dec 2001 UF-1 STS-108 MPLM, PV Module batteries, Spares Pallet (spares warehouse) Crew rotation: Expedition Four Crew Apr 2002 8A STS-110 Central Truss Segment (ITS S0), Mobile Transporter (MT) Jun 2002 UF-2 STS-111 MPLM with payload racks, Mobile Base System (MBS), Crew rotation: Expedition Five Crew Oct 2002 9A STS-112 First Starboard truss segment (ITS S1) with radiators, Crew and Equipment Translation Aid (CETA) Cart A Nov 2002 11A STS-113 First port truss segment (ITS P1) Crew and Equipment Translation Aid (CETA) Cart B Crew rotation: Expedition Six Crew Jul 2005 LF1 STS-114 Logistics Flight, Return to Flight test mission, Raffaelo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Remove and replace Control Movement Gyroscope, External Stowage Platform (ESP-2) Jul 2006 ULF1.1 STS-121 Utilization and Logistics Flight, Return to Flight test mission, Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), ICC, LMC Sep 2006 12A STS-115 Second port truss segment (ITS P3/P4) Solar array and batteries, MEPSI 2A & 2B Dec 2006 12A.1 STS-116 Third port truss segment (ITS P5), Spacehab single platform module, ICC, Logistics and Supply Jun 2007 13A STS-117 Second starboard tress segment (ITS S3/S4) Solar array set and batteries (Photovoltaic Module), MEPSI 3A & 3B Aug 2007 13A.1 STS-118 Spacehab Single Cargo Module, Third starboard truss segment (ITS S5), ESP3, Logistic and Supplies Oct 2007 10A STS-120 U.S. Node 2, PDGF ISS U.S. Core Complete Feb 2008 1E STS-122 European Laboratory - Columbus Orbital Facility (COF) Mar 2008 ATV1 European Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) "Jules Verne" Mar 2008 1J/A STS-123 Japanese Experiment Module Experiment Logistics Module (JEM ELM PS) Express Pallet May 2008 1J STS-124 Kibo Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Japanese Remote Manipulator System (JEM RMS) Nov 2008 ULF2 STS-126 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Utilization and Logistics Flight Mar 2009 15A STS-119 Fourth starboard truss segment (ITS S6), Solar Arrays and Batteries (Photovoltaic Module S6), additional Science Power Platform (SPP) solar arrays Established Six Person Crew Capability Jul 2009 2J/A STS-127 Japanese Experiment Module Exposed Facility (JEM EF), Japanese Experiment Logistics Module - Exposed Section (ELM-ES), Integrated Cargo Carrier (ICC) Aug 2009 17A STS-128 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), U.S. Lab racks for Node 3 Sep 2009 HTV-1 H-IIB Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle Nov 2009 5R Progress M-SO-2 Soyuz FG Mini Research Module 2 (MRM2) Nov 2009 ULF3 STS-129 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Utilization and Logistics Flight Feb 2010 20A STS-130 Node 3, Cupola Apr 2010 19A STS-131 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) May 2010 ULF4 STS-132 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Utilization and Logistics Flight Feb 2011 ULF5 STS-133 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Utilization and Logistics Flight EXPRESS Logistics Carrier 4 (ELC4), Permanent Multi-Purpose Module (PMM) May 2011 ULF6 STS-134 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Utilization and Logistics Flight EXPRESS Logistics Carrier 3 (ELC3), Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) ISS Assembly Complete Jul 2011 ULF7 STS-135 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Utilization and Logistics Flight. Last Space Shuttle Flight. Apr 2016 SpX-8 Dragon CRS-8 Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) Dec 2020 SpX-21 Dragon C24(CRS-21) Bishop Airlock Module (NanoRacks Bishop Airlock) Jul 2021 3R Proton MP4 Multipurpose Laboratory Module with European Robotic Arm (ERA) Nov 2021 6R Progress M-UM ISS Assembly Supply (P303), Uzlovoy Universal Docking Module (UDM)
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    Formerly scheduled additional flights:

    Oct 2003 5R Soyuz Docking Compartment 2 (DC2) 2005 8R Soyuz Research Module 1 Mar 2006 10R Soyuz Research Module 2 2006 10A.1 STS-139 Propulsion Module Jan 2005 UF-3 STS-124 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Apr 2005 UF-4 STS-125 Spacelab Pallet carrying "Canada Hand" (Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator) Extended Duration Orbiter Pallet Jul 2005 UF-5 STS-126 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) Oct 2005 UF-4.1 STS-127 Express Pallet, S3 Attached P/L Jan 2006 UF-6 STS-128 Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM), Batteries Jan 2007 9A.1 STS-132 Science Power Platform (SSP) solar arrays Multi Purpose Module (MTsM) Apr 2007 UF-7 STS-133 Centrifuge Accommodations Module (CAM) Nov 2007 HTV-1 Japanese H-II Transfer Vehicle Jan 2008 14A STS-136 Cupola, Express Pallet, Extended Duration Orbiter Pallet 2008 16A ? STS-138 US Habitation Module 2009 18A ? STS-140 U.S. Crew Return Vehicle (CRV) 2010 9R Proton Research Module Jan 2014 Orion 1 First flight of Orion; first orbital Mar 2014 Orion 2 CEV-ISS 1 Orion-ISS Adapter 1 Jun 2014 Orion 3 CEV-ISS 2 Orion-ISS Adapter 2 Sep 2014 Orion 4 CEV-ISS 3 ISS Crew Rotation Mar 2015 Orion 5 CEV-ISS 4 ISS Crew Rotation Sep 2015 Orion 6 CEV-ISS 5 ISS Crew Rotation Mar 2016 Orion 7 CEV-ISS 6 ISS Crew Rotation Sep 2016 Orion 8 CEV-ISS 7 ISS Crew Rotation Mar 2017 Orion 9 CEV-ISS 8 ISS Crew Rotation Sep 2017 Orion 10 CEV-ISS 9 ISS Crew Rotation Mar 2018 Orion 11 CEV-ISS 10 ISS Crew Rotation Sep 2018 Orion 12 CEV-ISS 11 ISS Crew Rotation Mar 2019 Orion 14 CEV-ISS 12 ISS Crew Rotation Sep 2019 Orion 16 CEV-ISS 13 ISS Crew Rotation Mar 2020 Orion 18 CEV-ISS 14 ISS Crew Rotation Sep 2020 Orion 20 CEV-ISS 15 ISS Crew Rotation Feb 2021 Orion 21 CEV-ISS 16 ISS Crew Rotation
    Note: Additional Progress, Soyuz, H-II Transfer Vehicle and Automated Transfer Vehicle flights for crew transport, logistics and resupply are not listed.

    Orbiter assignments as well as approximate dates are increasingly uncertain with later times, the later STS numbers are not yet assigned and inofficial guesses. Remember: Everything in Space Station and Space Shuttle schedules is subject to continuous revision.

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