Phoenix Dwarf

Irregular Galaxy Phoenix Dwarf (ESO 245- G 007, PCG 6830), type Irr, in Phoenix

[Phoenix Dwarf, Local Group Survey]

01 : 51.1
-44 : 27
1600 kly :
Apparent Dimension:
Abs. Mag:
Phoenix Dwarf was discovered in 1976 by H.E. Schuster and R.M. West (Schuster and West 1976) and first taken for a globular cluster candidate, the Schuster-West Globular Cluster. Its nature as a dwarf galaxy was discovered in 1977 by R. Canterna and P.J. Flower of the University of Washington on deep photographic plates taken at the 4-m Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile in August 1976 (Canterna and Flower, 1977). In their first estimate, they derived a distance of about 6 million light years. This has later been refined to 1..2 million light years.

The image in this page has been obtained by the Local Group Survey team headed by Phil Massey of Lowell Observatory.

[Phoenix Dwarf, Phil Massey/Local Group Survey]

Image of the Phoenix Local Group dwarf galaxy, as observed with the CTIO Blanco 4-m telescope and Mosaic II camera as part of the NOAO-sponsored Local Group Survey headed by Philip Massey of Lowell Observatory. The image is a true-color combination of images in three of the filters used by the survey.

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