Schuster-West Globular Cluster

Globular Cluster Candidate Schuster-West Globular Cluster, actually the Phoenix Dwarf Galaxy, type Irr, in Phoenix

[Phoenix Dwarf, Local Group Survey]

01 : 51.1
-44 : 27
Distance from Sun:
1600 kly :
Distance from Galactic Center:
Apparent Diameter:
3.7 x 2.7 arc min
10.5 mag
This object was discovered in 1976 by H.E. Schuster and R.M. West (Schuster and West 1976) and first taken for a globular cluster candidate. Its nature as a dwarf galaxy, the Phoenix Dwarf. was discovered in 1977 by R. Canterna and P.J. Flower of the University of Washington on deep photographic plates taken at the 4-m Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile in August 1976 (Canterna and Flower, 1977). In their first estimate, they derived a distance of about 6 million light years. This has later been refined to 1..2 million light years, and thus found to be a Local Group member galaxy.

The image in this page has been obtained by the Local Group Survey team headed by Phil Massey of Lowell Observatory.


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