Relativistic orbits of classical charged bodies in a spherically symmetric electrostatic field.

Hartmut Frommert(*)
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Department of Physics, University of Constance,
D-78434 Konstanz, Germany
International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 35(12):2663--2675, December 1996.


The orbits of a relativistic charged body in a static, spherically symmetric electrical field are calculated and classified in the classical theory. Contrary to the non-relativistic problem, we find that there is a limiting minimal value for the angular momentum, L_c. Should the actual angular momentum of a charged test body be lower than this limit, the test particle will spiral into the central point charge instead of having (preceding) Keplerian orbits.

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Spires record: j=IJTPB,35,2663, citations: j=IJTPB,35,2663

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