Coupling of massless particles to scalar fields

Hartmut Frommert(*)
E-Mail: spider at
Department of Physics, University of Constance,
D-78434 Konstanz, Germany
International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 36(3):643-656, March 1997.


It is investigated if massless particles can couple to scalar fields in a special relativistic theory with classical particles. The only possible obvious theory which is invariant under Lorentz transformations and reparametrization of the affine parameter leads to trivial trajectories (straight lines) for the massless case, and also the investigation of the massless limit of the massive theory shows that there is no influence of the scalar field on the limiting trajectories.

On the other hand, in contrast to this result, it is shown that massive particles are influenced by the scalar field in this theory even in the ultra-relativistic limit.

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LANL preprint: gr-qc/9609066

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