Views of some Kutter Schiefspieglers

[P. Zahl's Schief, view 1] [P. Zahl's Schief, view 2]

Two views of German amateur Percy Zahl's Schiefspiegler (closed construction).

[G. Dittie's Schief]

Amateur Georg Dittie's instruments, a 150 mm Schiefspiegler (open construction) compared to a 150 mm refractor.

[M. Brunn's Schief] [M. Brunn's Schief, detail]

The finely crafted Schiefspiegler of Michael Brunn of Hoxter, Germany. The aperture of this scope is 125 mm and works at f/28.
Michael is also designer and patent holder for Tetra-Schiefspiegler constructions.
Thanks to David Stevick for providing the images and information.

[St. Schimpf's Schief]

The 200/4000 mm Schiefspiegler of Stefan Schimpf. Note: The guiding refractor is a 5-inch, the Schief an 8-inch scope!

[G. Ariot's Schief]

Giovanni Ariot's Schiefspiegler. This telescope has a diameter of 20cm and a focal lenght of 4 meter, thus a focal ratio of f/20. The instrument was originally built in 1963 by Mr. C. Recla of Verona, then bought by the uncle of the current owner and used for some years, then discarded and put in a loft. It was then inherited by Giovanni, who spent much effort to restore and rebuild most mechanical parts to bring it into its present shape.

[Philip's 200mm Kutter] [Philip and his Kutter]

Philip Doutreligne's 200mm Schiefspiegler. Philip has built his first Schiefspiegler in 1970, an 11-cm/f=272 cm instrument. His current instrument, imaged here, is a 20cm f/20 catadioptric Kutter telescope with correction lens. See Philip's Kutter telescope page.

[Steve Rismiller's Schief] [Steve Rismiller's Schief, close-up]

Steve Rismiller's 4.25" inch Schief. The fork, saddle, and tripod are beautifully hand finished from air-dried walnut. Optics are by Dick Wessling. Viewed in about 2000, when the scope was already about 20 years old. Dave Stevick's comment: "Absolutely gorgeous."

[R. Matheus' Schief, view 1] [R. Matheus' Schief, view 2] [R. Matheus' Schief, view 3]

Robert Matheus' recently acquired Schiefspiegler, in early 2015. This second-hand instrument has an aparture of 11 cm, built about 1968-1972, thus an estimated age of about 45 years!

[R. Matheus' Schief restored, view 1] [R. Matheus' Schief restored, view 2] [R. Matheus' Schief restored, view 3]

The same instrument after Robert has restored it, in early 2016, with the help of some experienced kutter-builders, namely, Philip Doutreligne and Hugo Riemis. Robert from Antwerp, Belgium is a member of Urania Observatory, a public observatory for the people of the province of Antwerp, Belgium.

[C. Seesing's Schief] [C. Seesing's Schief in newer config]
Christoph Seesing's 125mm Schiefspiegler, self-built from a Lichtenknecker mirror set.

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