OS/2 Web Explorer's proprietary html tags

Similar to other browsers, IBM's OS/2 Web Explorer supports a few proprietary, non-standard HTML tags and attributes. They are of interest for people who like to write some enhanced pages for this browser; due to its comparatively little fraction in Web traffic, it is recommended, though, not to exaggerate the use of these tags which are not understood by other browsers.

Sorry readers with other browsers than WebEx, you will not be able to see the special tags.

List of non-standard WebEx html tags and enhancements:

<animate> tag:
loads a series of images which are then used as an animation shown in the upper right field whenever WebEx loads a file, as a replacement for the nice animated computer screen icon. Usage:
  <frame src="pix1.jpg">
  <frame src="pix2.jpg">
  <frame src="pix3.jpg">
somewhere in the document.
internal attribute for the <img> tag
used to show some internal mini images (used e.g. in WebEx's internal webmap.html page), in place of the "src" attribute. Please notify me in case you miss one ! Usage:
   <img align=middle internal=ibmlogo>
   <img align=middle internal=red_bullet>
   <img align=middle internal=left_arrow>
   <img align=middle internal=internal-gopher-menu>
at the place in the html file where you want to have the symbol
Any possible additions to this list, as well as any suggestions and comments, are highly appreciated, please notify me!
Hartmut Frommert [contact]

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