Some OS/2 tips

How to open an OS/2 commandline window from a folder:
  1. Drag an arbitrary object from within the folder over your OS/2 Window icon
  2. Via menu: Create a menu item (via the folder's Settings notebook) with the program entry: "cmd.exe /k cd %*"
  3. Use the CMD Folder utility (cmdfl151) available at most shareware archives
EPM (the Enhanced Editor)
How to use the keyword highlightning feature in EPM (6.03+) ?
Open an EPM Command Dialog (e.g. by pressing <Esc>) and enter (without quotes): "toggle_parse 1 f:\epm\epm603\epmkwds.EXT"
(substitute your correct drive and path, and the extension of your keyword file for EXT).
For repeated use, you will appreciate the history of the EPM commandline dialog.

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