VHS Course "Introduction to Astronomy"

There's also an German version

Einführung in die Astronomie

Hartmut Frommert
VHS Radolfzell
Offered from Fall 1994 to Fall 1997
  1. Astronomy as a science; Basics I; Overview I (Solar System)
  2. Basics II; Overview II (Stars and Galaxies)
  3. Distances, structure of the universe; Earth and Moon; Phases of Planets
  4. Planetary Orbits; Satellite and Space Probe Orbits; Spaceflight
  5. Instruments/Telescope; Spectra; Electromagnetic spektrum; Radio astronomy
  6. Satellite Astronomy; Stellar Structure; Star Formation, Diffuse Nebulae; Stellar Evolution I;
  7. Stellar Evolution II; Star Clusters
  8. Galaxies; Cosmology; Current topics, e.g.: Cosmic Catastrophs (SL9), Current Space Mission (Galileo, HST, Mars Pathfinder and Global Surveyor), Current Comet (Hyakutake, Hale-Bopp), Extraterrestrial Life (Mars)

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