Mars Observer

Mars Observer was intended as a high-tech Mars orbiter to investigate and chart the Red Planet's surface with modern camera equipment.

Launched successfully on September 25, 1992 by Titan IIIe-TOS from Cape Canaveral, the spacecraft cruised well right up to Mars, but lost contact just at its arrival on August 21, 1993, when it was to ignite its thrusters to enter Mars orbit. Its fate is unknown: It may have blown up during ignition, destroyed by meteorite, or simply frozen after having lost orientation.

Despite the loss of the spacecraft, many of the hardware developed for it is and will be used for other spacecraft, including the Mars Global Surveyor, the Mars Climate Orbiter (1998), the Mars Surveyor 2001 Orbiter 2001 Mars Odyssey, and in particular the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (2005).


Mars Observer Images collected at SEDS:
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