NGC 6441

Globular Cluster NGC 6441, class III, in Scorpius

[NGC 6441, M. Germano]

Distance from Sun:
37.8 kly
Distance from Galactic Center:
12.7 kly
Apparent Diameter:
8.0 arc min
7.15 mag vis
Radial Velocity:
+16.5 +/- 1.0 km/s
Abs. Mag:
-9.63 Mag vis
Discovered by James Dunlop on May 13, 1826.

This globular cluster was discovered by James Dunlop from Paramatta, Australia in 1826 and cataloged as Dunlop 557 (or Dun 557).

The image in this page was obtained by Martin Germano. The bright star near NGC 6441 is G Sco. Indicated and visible in the image, very close to the star, is also the faint planetary nebula Haro 1-36 or Henize 2-289 (PK 353-4.1, PN G353.5-04.9), an almost stellar object of about visual mag 12.1.

NGC 6441 is one of only four known globular clusters which currently homes a planetary nebula. This planetary was not discovered until 1997, as it is hiding near the multitude of stars of globular cluster Palomar 6 (Jacoby 1997).
  • More information on planetary nebula JaFu 2 in globular cluster NGC 6441


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