Leo I

Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Leo I (UGC 5470, DDO 74, A1006), type dE3, in Leo

Regulus Galaxy, Harrington-Wilson 1

[Leo I image]

10 : 08.5
+12 : 18
dSph, dE3
168 +/- 60 km/s (helio.)
900 kly
Apparent Dimension:
9.8 x 7.4 arc min
9.8 m_vis, 11.2 m_ph
Abs. Mag:
Leo I, together with Leo II, was discovered in 1950 by R.G. Harrington and A.G. Wilson on plates of the National Geographic Society - Palomar Sky Survey obtained with the 48-inch Schmidt Telescope on Mt. Palomar (see reference). According to Wilson (1955), Wilson discovered Leo I and Harrington discovered Leo II.

This dwarf galaxy was only visually detected by amateurs in the last 15 years because nearby (only about 12 arc minutes) bright (first-magnitude) Regulus shines this galaxy out despite its rather considerable brightness of 9.8 mag visually and 11.2 mag photographically.

Our image of Leo I was obtained by David Malin and is copyrighted © Australian Astronomical Observatory.

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  • Leo Dwarf image by Mel Bartels, obtained with a Hale camera using SITe 512x512 back illuminated chip, 6" f/5, 1 minute exposure (raw image)
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