Argo Dwarf Galaxy

Irregular Galaxy Argo Dwarf (Carina II Dwarf, PGC 20125), type Irr, in Carina

[Argo dwarf galaxy]

07 : 05.3
-58 : 31
554 km/s (helioc.)
12000 kly
Apparent Dimension:
3.5 x 1.7 arc min
12.2 kly
14.2 mag (vis)
Abs. Mag:
Discovered by Harold Corwin in 1980.

The Argo Dwarf galaxy, or Carina II Dwarf Galaxy, was found, together with the Antlia Dwarf, in April 1997, by the group of Mike Irwin in Cambridge, England, on UK Schmidt Telescope plates. However, in difference to Antlia, this galaxy is probably located beyond the borders of the Local Group, and also not gravitationally bound, thus a nearby non-member galaxy.

Our image was published by Mike Irwin's group.

While the Cambridge group have been the first to deeper study this dwarf galaxy, the object had been discovered previously on UK Schmidt plates by Harold Corwin, A. de Vaucouleurs and G. de Vaucouleurs (1980), and cataloged on various occasions, e.g. as Feitzinger-Galinski 202 (Feitzinger and Galinski 1985), AM 0704-582 (Arp and Madore, 1987), PGC 20125 (Paturel, 1989) and LEDA 20125 (Lyon-Meudon Extragalactic Database).

Mike Irwin have observed both hot blue star forming regions in addition to evolved red supergiants in the Argo Dwarf galaxy. Also, Argo has also been detected in neutral hydrogen light, and as such appears to be a typical dwarf irregular galaxy located just beyond the Local Group. Irwin's group estimated the distance of this dwarf galaxy at 4 Mpc, or about 12 million light-years.


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Hartmut Frommert
Christine Kronberg

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