NGC 1049

Globular Cluster NGC 1049 (Hodge 3, Fornax Globular 3), class V, in the Fornax Dwarf Galaxy

02 : 39.7
-34 : 29
530 kly :
Apparent Dimension:
0.4 arc min
12.9 mag vis
Discovered by John Herschel in 1834-38.

Globular cluster NGC 1049 was discovered by John Herschel during his expedition to the Cape of Good Hope, 1834-38, and cataloged as h 2492 in his 1847 catalog, and in 1864, as GC 588. The NGC describes it as "pretty bright, small, round, stellar." Its mother galaxy, the Fornax Dwarf, was only discovered about a century later, in 1938 by Harlow Shapley, because of its low surface brightness.

NGC 1049 was also cataloged as "Hodge 3" when Paul Hodge cataloged all 5 then-known globular clusters of the Fornax Dwarf (Hodge 1961). Meanwhile, a sixth Fornax globular has been found.


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