Views of some Kutter Schiefspieglers

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Two views of German amateur Percy Zahl's Schiefspiegler (closed construction).

  • Have a look at Percy's (German language) Astro Seite and his 150mm Kutter "Bericht" (construction and test report, with more photos of the instrument)


    Amateur Georg Dittie's instruments, a 150 mm Schiefspiegler (open construction) compared to a 150 mm refractor.


    The finely crafted Schiefspiegler of Michael Brunn of Hoxter, Germany. The aperture of this scope is 125 mm and works at f/28.

    Michael is also designer and patent holder for Tetra-Schiefspiegler constructions.

    Thanks to David Stevick for providing the images and information.


    The 200/4000 mm Schiefspiegler of Stefan Schimpf. Note: The guiding refractor is a 5-inch, the Schief an 8-inch scope!

  • See more (Great!!) views of this instrument


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