Stefan Schimpf's Schiefspiegler 200/4000mm

[Schimpf Schief 1]

The Owner Looking Through his Telescope

[Schimpf Schief 7]

The Schiefspiegler in the Closed Observatory (scrolling roof)

[Schimpf Schief 4]

The Primary Mirror ..

[Schimpf Schief 3]

.. and the Secondary Mirror of the Instrument

[Schimpf Schief 6]

Rear View ..

[Schimpf Schief 5]

.. and Front View ..
with a piggy-back mounted MEADE Apo 5" (which is used for solar observations)

[Schimpf Schief 2]

This scuffproof homebuilt instrument is mounted on an Alt 5 Parallactic Mount (here seen with the thick, short primary tube).

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