NGC 6357

Diffuse Nebula NGC 6357 in Sorpius

The War and Peace Nebula or Lobster Nebula

[NGC 6357]
Right Ascension 17 : 24.6 (h:m)
Declination -34 : 10 (deg:m)
Distance (kly)
Visual brightness (mag)
Apparent dimension 50. (arc min)

Discovered by John Herschel on June 8, 1837.

This diffuse starforming nebula is situated in a crowded region of the Milky Way in the tail part of constellation Scorpius. John Herschel discovered this nebula in 1837 from the Cape of Good Hope, and cataloged it as h 3682 in his 1847 catalog. It became GC 4297 in his General Catalogue of 1864, and NGC 6357 in J.L.E. Dreyer's NGC.

The image in this page was obtained by Ray Palmer. It was taken on March 29th, 2006 from Golden Grove Observatory, Western Australia. Equipment used to capture image was a Takahashi Epsilon e160 mounted on a Losmandy G-11at f/3.3, exposed for 20 min on Kodak Elite Chrome 200 unhypered.

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