UKS 2, UKS 0923-54.5

Open Cluster UKS 2 (UKS 0923-54.5, ESO 166-SC11, BH 66?), in Vela

09 : 24.6
-54 : 43
Distance from Sun:
Distance from Galactic Center:
Apparent Diameter:
Radial Velocity:
Abs. Mag:
This cluster is listed as globular in the Sky Catalogue 2000.0.

Discovered by Holmberg (1977) and perhaps identical to van den Bergh-Hagen 66 (vdB-Ha 66, BH 66; see van den Bergh and Hagen, 1975), this cluster was discussed as a globular by Malkan (1981), and included as such in the Sky Catalogue 2000.0. However, according to Holmberg (1977) as well as Webbink (1985), it is most probably an open cluster.


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