Tonantzintla 2 (Ton 2), Pismis 26

Globular Cluster Tonantzintla 2 (Ton 2, Pismis 26), in Scorpius

[Ton 2, 2MASS Atlas]

Distance from Sun:
26.7 kly
Distance from Galactic Center:
4.6 kly
Apparent Diameter:
10.7 arc min
12.24 mag vis
Radial Velocity:
-184.4 +/- 2.2 km/s
Abs. Mag:
-6.17 Mag vis
Discovered in 1959 by Paris Pismis.

This cluster was discovered by Paris Pismis from Tonantzintla Observatory in Mexico in 1959 (Pismis 1959), and cataloged as Tonantzintla 2 or Ton 2. It is one of two globulars listed in that paper, the other one is Tonantzintla 1 or Ton 1 - however, that other cluster turned out to be a duplicate rediscovery of NGC 6380. Ton 2 was also referred to as Pismis 26 in reference to that paper.

The image in this page in an IR photograph obtained within the Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS) and taken from the 2MASS atlas. Colors represent different IR bands: J band (1.2 micron) is represented blue, H (1.6 micron) green, and Ks light (2.2 micron) red.


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