TJ 17, TJB 1

Globular Cluster Candidate TJ 17 (TJB 1), in Ophiuchus

17 : 18 : 41
-27 : 50.2
Distance from Sun:
Distance from Galactic Center:
Apparent Diameter:
6-7 arc sec
17.1 mag
Radial Velocity:
Abs. Mag:
Discovered by Terzan, Bernard and Ju in 1978.

This object was discovered in 1978 and described as "diffuse object of uncertain nature," with dimension and vrightness measured as given above, described as a circular object. Suspicion was given that this might be a globular cluster similar to Liller 1 or Terzan 2 (Terzan 1980). It was also listed as presumable globular cluster in Webbink (1985).


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