Shakhbazian 1, Russian Cluster, SAHB

Cluster of Galaxies Shakhbazian 1, in Ursa Major

"Russian Cluster", SAHB

10 : 54.8 (h:m)
+40 : 28 (d:m)
Distance from Sun:
1.3 billion ly
Distance from Galactic Center:
1.3 billion ly
Apparent Diameter:
Radial Velocity:
+29,700 km/s
Abs. Mag:
Discovered by Ambartzumian in 1957.

R.K. Shakhbazian (1957) reported the discovery of a globular cluster candidate in Ursa Major (i.e., a cluster of red objects) on POSS plates by Ambartzumian. Shakhbazian published a distance of about 130 kpc (420,000 light years) which would have positioned it in the outlayers of the Galactic Halo, at the same distance as Palomar 3 and further than several Milky Way satellite dwarf galaxies. It was included in the lists of Sawyer Hogg (1958) and Sawyer Hogg (1959). Ruprecht (1983) list it as GCL 16. Hesser and Shawl (1985) included it in their survey of globulars.

But Robinson and Wampler (1973) had already identified it as a compact group of 17 major galaxies removing from us at 29,700 km/s or almost one tenth of light velocity; this corresponds to a distance of 390 Mpc or about 1.3 billion light years, assuming H0=75 (km/(s*Mpc)).


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