Grindlay 1

Cluster Candidate Grindlay 1, in Scorpius

17 : 32.0
-33 : 50
Distance from Sun:
33 kly
Distance from Galactic Center:
Apparent Diameter:
Radial Velocity:
Abs. Mag:
Discovered by Grindlay in 1981.

This object is listed as globular cluster in the Sky Catalogue 2000.0, at a distance of about 10 kpc or 33,000 light years.

Jonathan E. Grindlay and Paul Hertz discovered this cluster candidate when looking for a counterpart for the X-ray source GX 354+0, a low-mass X-ray binary discovered with the HEAO-2 (Einstein) X-ray satellite, with the NASA 3-meter IRTF infrared telescope at Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii (Grindlay and Hertz, 1981). It was included as globular cluster in the Sky Catalogue 2000.0 and the list of Webbink (1985).

However, it is now considered improbable that this cluster exists, see e.g. the negative results by Djorgovski and Meylan (1993) (who cites a negative finding by Paradijs and Isaacman (1989) and an independent non-confirmation by Grindlay himself) and Ortolani (1996).


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