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Doubly Amplified Mirror System

On a hunch, Jack Wolfe, a retired optical designer for the U.S. Army arranged three mirrors so that the light path was folded back to the secondary for a second pass. His doubly amplified system proved successful. It yields excellent scale for the moon and planets, and the large focal ratio minimizes eyepiece aberrations. Jack is happy to announce his designs to the amateur community.

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom,
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Jack's prototype 6-inch doubly amplified telescope. Note the compactness for a system of such long focus.

Sample f/53 design
Primary (sphere) 4.25"
Radius of curvature 127.5"
Tilt 3°.86
Distance to secondary 28.33"
Secondary (convex) 3.6"
Radii of curvature 127.5"
Tilt 6°.90
Distance to tertiary 28.33"
Distance to diagonal 26"
Tertiary (flat) 1.8"
Diagonal minor-axis 1.3"
Image plane tilt 6°.77

Author: David Stevick
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