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Stevick-Paul Telescope

A remarkable design with inherent third-order optical perfection, this basic arrangement of mirrors has been rediscovered several times since M. Paul's 1935 paper. Despite the Stevick-Paul's superficial resemblance to a TCT, all mirrors are coaxial. The unobstructed view in this design comes from using the optics "off-axis".

Using a flat to fold the light path, Bob Novack of Pittsburgh, Pa compacted the design and eliminated the diagonal mirror. Bob's plans for this 6" f/10 are here.
Viewed from the eyepiece end, one notices the two finders on Bob's telescope. The finder on top is unity power. Bob is justly happy and proud of his telescope's performance
A.L. Woods and Dave Stevick with Al's pioneering 6" f/12 Stevick-Paul telescope. The light path painted on the side of the telescope quietly answers the most frequently asked question.

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Author: David Stevick
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