Comet C/2000 WM1 LINEAR
November 23, 2001

The following images were provided by Bill Hollenbach who took them on November 23, 2001 from Aloe Ridge Observatory, South Africa. The sequence below illustrates this comet's fast proper motion. Bill writes:
I just finished a talk and show, and I took some images of the comet. Last night, Alex and I, took some images of 10 sec, 10sec apart. Downloading time is 11 sec.

What we got, I could not believe. I have NEVER in all my years of astronomy, seen a comet with such a high velocity, relative to the background stars. The comet is literally moving amongst the stars !!!!!

If you are using Maxim DL, open them and blink them. I PROMISE you, they were taken 10 sec apart. What is the record velocity relative to the earth's position?? This is a good candidate for first place.