Comet C/2000 WM1 LINEAR
November 21, 2001

[C/2000 WM1, ]

Bill Hollenbach captured comet LINEAR, C/2000 WM1 on November 21, 2001 from Aloe Ridge Observatory, South Africa.
He writes:

Last night I took this image of WM1 (Xmas Comet). The locating program I used was Software Bisque's "The Sky" and the CCD was the Apogee 7. The scope is a Meade 16" LX200. The combination of the equipment is truly a pleasure. The exposure is a combo of Red, Green And Blue images and with Maxim DL processing capabilities. The comet is presently 0.390814 AU away from the earth. 1AU=+/- 95million miles. It is shining at 5.5 magnitude and is VERY bright on a 30sec exposure. It is CLEARLY visible in a 4" scope.