Arachnid Solifugae (Red Roman Spider)

Images by Bill Hollenbach

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.. one of the BIG guys ..

Bill writes:

From: Bill Hollenbach
To: Hartmut Frommert
Subject: Arachnid Solifugae (Red Roman Spider)

These are carniverous Arachnids, that hunt their prey by chasing it. It feeds on ANYTHING. It will eat mice, litte birds, basically, anything it catches. If you feel a hard nip on your shoe at night, you have been zapped. If you are barefoot, you hear a loud yelp and "Something Bit me" and a little red mark/spot of blood.
Non poisonous.
It has the habbit of "chewing" patches of hair off animals and uses it for "nesting"/lair.

Bill Hollenbach     	Cederberg Observatory
Lat: 32:30.11' (S) 	Long: 19:15.20' (E)   GPS POSITION 
" We are stardust "

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