Supernova 1998S in NGC 3877

[Supernova 1998S in NGC3877, NOT image]
[PNG image]

This image of NGC3877 and supernova 1998S was obtained by Håkon Dahle using the 2048x2048 ALFOSC CCD camera (with a thinned Loral chip) at the 2.56-m Nordic Optical Telescope on La Palma. It is a composite color image made from 8 V and I-band exposures of varying exposure times taken on 1998 April 22, 23 and 24 UT. North is up, and East to the left; the f.o.v. is 293"x293". The bright stellar object below the galaxy nucleus is SN1998S in its early declining phase. The images have been logarithmically scaled.

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