IC 4756

Open Cluster IC 4756 in Serpens

Graff's Cluster

Right Ascension 18 : 39.0 (h:m)
Declination +05 : 27 (deg:m)
Distance (kly)
Visual brightness (mag)
Apparent dimension (arc min)

Discovered by T.W. Webb in (or before) 1881.
Independently discovered by Solon I. Bailey in 1896.

This object was probably discovered and first described by Reverend Thomas William Webb; the description is found in his famous handbook "Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes", and first appears in the fourth edition (Webb 1881). It is missing from the original (Webb 1859) and up to the third edition (Webb 1873), but is included in all later editions. The description is that of a stellar group:

Group. ± xviii'^ 33°^ N 5° 6'. Very large, subdivided, chiefly 9 and 10 m"'.
The present author was pointed to this discovery by Wolfgang Steinicke.

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    Hartmut Frommert