IC 4628

Diffuse Nebula IC 4628 in Sorpius

The Prawn Nebula

[IC 4628]
Right Ascension 16 : 57.0 (h:m)
Declination -40 : 20 (deg:m)
Distance (kly)
Visual brightness (mag)
Apparent dimension 90. (arc min)

Discovered by E.E. Barnard.

This large (1.5 deg) and faint diffuse starforming nebula is situated between the two open star clusters NGC 6231 (left) and NGC 6242 (right) in Scorpius. The clusters already cataloged by Lacaille and (in case of NGC 6231) Hodierna, the nebula was only found by E.E. Barnard around 1900.

The image in this page was obtained by Ray Palmer. It was taken Golden Grove Observatory, Western Australia. Equipment used to capture image was a Takahashi Epsilon e160 mounted on a Losmandy G-11, exposed on Kodak Elite Chrome 200 unhypered.

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    Hartmut Frommert