Historic constellations

  • Darryl Stanford's Historic constellations list
    Antinous - Hadrian's Servant.
    Contains M11.
    Apes - A fly
    Apis - A bee
    Apparatus Chemicus - Fornax's original name
    Argo Navis - the ship Argo
    The Battery of Volta - Volta's battery
    Cancer Minor - A "crablet"
    Cesaries - Another name for Coma Berenices
    Cerberus - The 3 headed dog that guarded Hades
    Cor Caroli - Charles I's heart
    Corona Firmiana Vulgo Septentrionalis - This honored Leopold Anton von Firmian, Archbishop of Salzburg
    Custos messium - Harvest keeper
    Introduced 1775 by Lalande to honor his friend Charles Messier. Also in Bode's charts as "Erndtehüter" (Erntehüter, Harvest Keeper). Made up of stars in the border region of Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Camelopardalis, near historic Renne (or Rangifer, the Reindeer).
    Felis - Felix's ancestor?
    Fornax Chemica - Fornax's original name
    Friedrichs Ehre - Sword, pen & olive branch
    Gallus - The rooster
    Gladii Electorales Saxonici - Crossed swords
    Globus Aerostaticus - The original hot air balloon!
    Horologium Oscillatorium - Horologium's former name
    Jordanus - Jordan's river
    Leo Palatinus - the original lion
    Lilium - a flower
    Lochium Funis - A nautical log line
    Machina Electrica - Electrostatic generator
    Marmor Sculptile - the bust of Christopher Columbus
    Mons Maenalus - the Mountain
    Musca Australis - This is now Musca
    Musca Borealis - Another fly!
    Noctua - the Night Owl
    Officina Typographica - a printing office
    Phoenicopterus - teh Flamingo
    Polophylax - Guardian of the Pole
    Pomum Imperiale - the Orb of Emperor Leopold I
    Psalterium Georgianum - the harp of George III
    Quadrans Muralis - the Mural Quadrant. This is where the Quadrantids gets its name.
    Renne - a reindeer (Rudolph maybe?)
    Robur Carolinum - the Royal Oak
    Sagitta Australe - arrow
    Sceptrum - the French scepter
    Sceptrum Brandenburgicum - the Brandenburg Scepter
    Sciurus Volans - flying squirrel (Rocky maybe?)
    Solarium - sundial
    Tarandus vel Rangifer - the same as Renne
    Taurus Poniatowski - Stanislaus Poniatowski's bull
    Tigris - the Tigris River
    Triangulum Minor - a small triangle
    Tubus Herschelii Minor - Herschel's telescope
    Turdus Solitarius - another name for the sundial
    Vulpecula cum Ansere - fox & goose.