NGC 7492

Globular Cluster NGC 7492, class XII, in Aquarius

Distance from Sun:
85.7 kly
Distance from Galactic Center:
82.5 kly
Apparent Diameter:
8.4 arc min
11.29 mag vis
Radial Velocity:
-177.5 +/- 0.6 km/s
200 ly
Abs. Mag:
-5.81 Mag vis
Discovered by William Herschel on September 20, 1786.

This globular cluster was discovered by William Herschel on September 20, 1786 and cataloged as H III.558.

NGC 7492 is one of the outlying globular clusters of our Milky Way galaxy, at its distance of about 84,000 light-years from us, and 81,200 light-years from the Galactic Center. As its concentration class XII indicates, it is one of the loosest and least compressed globular clusters, and lacks a dense central core. Its diameter is Because of its large distance, it is difficult to be resolved into stars: The brightest stars are of visual mag 15.5, the horizontal branch giants of mag 17.6. While far out at these times, globular cluster NGC 7492 is rapidly approaching us, at about 208 km/s.

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