NGC 2158

Open Cluster NGC 2158, in Gemini

[NGC 2158 image, NOAO]

06 : 07.5
+24 : 06
Distance from Sun:
Distance from Galactic Center:
Apparent Diameter:
5. arc min
8.6 mag
Radial Velocity:
Abs. Mag:
Discovered by William Herschel on November 16, 1784.

This wellknown open cluster, situated very close to famous M35 (NGC 2168), was considered as a globular by Rosino (1954), see also Sawyer Hogg (1959). Despite this, its nature as an old Galactic open cluster is established with certainty; its age has been estimated at about 1.05 billion years.

The image in this page has been obtained with the Burell-Schmidt Telescope of Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona. It has been cropped from a larger image of NGC 2158 together with its more prominent neighbor M35.

  • More information on this image (N.A. Sharp, NOAO)

    NGC 2158 had been discovered by William Herschel and cataloged as H VI.17.


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