FSR 1735

Globular Cluster FSR 1735 (2MASS-GC03), in Ara

[FSR 1735 image]

Distance from Sun:
31.9 kly
Distance from Galactic Center:
12.1 kly
Apparent Diameter:
0.8 arc min
12.90 mag vis
Radial Velocity:
+/- km/s
Abs. Mag:
-6.45 Mag vis
Discovered by Froebrich, Scholz and Raftery in 2006 in 2MASS IR records.
Identified as globular cluster by Froebrich, Meusinger and Scholz in 2007.

This cluster was discovered in 2006 by Dirk Froebrich, Aleks Scholz, and C.J. Raftery within a systematic survey using the 2MASS infrared telescope, and listed under number 1735, or FSR 1735, in their catalog (Froebrich et.al. 2007a). Subsequent observations with ESO's New Technology Telescope (NTT) on La Silla, Chile revealed a rich cluster of stars in the inner part of our Milky Way Galaxy, located about 30,000 light-years from us but only 10,000 light-years from the Galactic Center (Froebrich et.al. 2007b). The authors conclude that this previously unknown, closely-packed group of about 100,000 stars is most likely a newly discovered globular cluster.

As this cluster was detected with the 2MASS telescope, and is the third globular cluster detected with this device, it would be straigtforward to name it 2MASS-GC03, alternatively (compare 2MASS-GC01 or Hurt 1, and 2MASS-GC02 or Hurt 2).

The image in this page was obtained created from data obtained with ESO's NTT through three near-infrared filters (J, H, and K band).

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