FSR 0584

Probable Globular Cluster FSR 0584, in Cassiopeia

02 : 27 : 15
+61 : 37 : 28
Distance from Sun:
4.6 kly
Distance from Galactic Center:
Apparent Diameter:
11 arc min
Radial Velocity:
15 ly
Abs. Mag:
Discovered by Froebrich, Scholz and Raftery in 2006 in 2MASS IR records.

This cluster was discovered in 2006 by Dirk Froebrich, Aleks Scholz, and C.J. Raftery within a systematic survey using the 2MASS infrared telescope, and listed under number 0584, or FSR 0584, in their catalog (Froebrich et.al. 2007). These authors list the object as an open cluster candidate. However, Bica et.al. (2007) find it more likely to be a halo globular cluster currently approaching the Galactic plane.

This globular is a bit difficult to observe because it is projected onto the large star-forming region W3. It has approached the Galactic plane to about 60 light-years, and is currently quite close to us at only 4,600+/-600 ly. This distance would probably make it the nearest globular cluster, unless it should prove to be an old open cluster after all.


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