Bill Hollenbach contributed these four images, showing together all the extent of Comet Linear's tail.

Bill writes:

Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 11:41:02 +0200
From: Bill Hollenbach
Subject: Complete Linear A2

Hi There,

The images must be stitched together to form a single image.
I saved them in high res JPG format.
The Images were taken last night,13052001@ 1750GMT, by myself and
Alex Richter at the Aloe Ridge Observatory, Honeydew South Africa
The tail seems to extend for 2 degrees but is very diffuse, but there
seems to be no
breakup of the comet detectable as reported.
The comet looks as if it is at Magnitude 4 !!!!
I will keep you up to date about the comet.

Bill Hollenbach
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