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Unofficial Shuttle Launch Schedule - Full List Until 2009

as of as of February 2, 2003

Essential Note:

Following the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia and its crew of seven on February 1, 2003, all Space Shuttle launches have been indefinitely suspended by Nasa. Investigations of cause are pending.

The maintainer of this list wants to express his condolescence and deep feelings to the families of the seven astronauts, and all involved.

February 2, 2003

For reference, the historic flight schedule is kept here for the moment as of January 31, 2003:

Upcoming Shuttle Missions:

  • STS-114 Atlantis (ISS-16) Pad B Mar 1, 2003 (ISS-17-ULF1: MPLM, crew rotation)
  • STS-115 Endeavour (ISS-18) Pad A May 23, 2003 (ISS-18-12A: ITS P3, PV Module P4)
  • STS-116 Atlantis (ISS-19) Pad B Jul 24, 2003 (ISS-19-12A.1: ITS P5, MPLM, crew rotation)
  • STS-117 Endeavour (ISS-20) Pad A Oct 2, 2003 (ISS-20-13A: ITS S3, PV Module S4)
  • STS-118 Columbia (ISS-21) Pad B Nov 13, 2003 (ISS-21-13A.1: ITS S5, PV Module S4, crew rotation)
  • STS-119 Atlantis (ISS-22) Pad A Jan , 2004 (ISS-22-15A: PM S6 crew rotation)
  • STS-120 Endeavour (ISS-23) Pad B Feb , 2004 (ISS-23-10A: Node 2, Nitrogen Tank)
    *** ISS U.S. Core Complete after 10A ***
  • STS-122 Columbia (HST SM-4) Pad A Apr , 2004 (HST SM-4)
  • STS-121 Atlantis (ISS-24) Pad B Jul , 2004 (ISS-24-ULF2: MPLM, crew rotation)
  • STS-123 Discovery (ISS-25) Oct , 2004 (ISS-25-1E: Columbus-COF)
  • STS-124 Columbia (ISS-26) Jan , 2005 (ISS-26-UF-3: MPLM, crew rotation)
  • STS-125 Endeavour (ISS-27) Apr , 2005 (ISS-27-UF-4: Canada Hand-SPDM, EDOP)
  • STS-126 Discovery (ISS-28) Jul , 2005 (ISS-28-UF-5: MPLM, crew rotation)
  • STS-127 Atlantis (ISS-29) Oct , 2005 (ISS-29-UF4.1: Express Pallet, S3 Attached P/L)
  • STS-128 Discovery (ISS-30) Jan , 2006 (ISS-30-UF-6: MPLM, Batteries, crew rotation)
  • STS-129 Endeavour (ISS-31) Mar , 2006 (ISS-31-1J/A: JEM ELM PS, Express Pallet)
  • STS-130 Discovery (ISS-32) Jul , 2006 (ISS-32-1J: JEM PM, JEM RMS)
  • STS-131 Endeavour (ISS-33) Oct , 2006 (ISS-33-ULF3: MPLM, crew rotation)
  • STS-132 Atlantis (ISS-34) Jan , 2007 (ISS-34-9A.1: SPP Solar Arrays, MTsM)
  • STS-133 Columbia (ISS-35) Apr , 2007 (ISS-35-UF-7: CAM, crew rotation)
  • STS-134 Discovery (ISS-36) Jun , 2007 (ISS-36-2J/A: JEM EF, ELM ES, SPP Solar Arrays
  • STS-135 Endeavour (ISS-37) Nov , 2007 (ISS-37-ULF5: MPLM, crew rotation)
  • STS-136 Discovery (ISS-38) Jan , 2008 (ISS-38-14A: Cupola, Express Pallet, EDOP)
  • STS-137 (ISS-39) , 2008 (ISS-39-20A: Node 3)
  • STS-138 (ISS-40) , 2008 (ISS-40-16A: US Habitation Module)
  • STS-139 (ISS-41) , 2008 (ISS-41-17A: MPLM, Lab racks)
  • STS-140 (ISS-42) , 2009 (ISS-42-18A: US CRV)
  • STS-141 (ISS-43) , 2009 (ISS-43-19A: MPLM)
  • NOTE: This schedule was prepared from various and partly discordant Nasa sources, so it should be taken with appropriate care. Actual launch dates are set at the Flight Readiness Review held about two weeks prior to launch.

    International Space Station (ISS) flies in an orbit inclined 51.60 degrees to Earth's equator, while the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is in a 28.47 degrees inclined orbit.

    Orbiter assignments as well as approximate dates are increasingly uncertain with later times, the later STS numbers are not yet assigned and inofficial guesses. Remember: Everything in shuttle schedules is subject to continuous revision.

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