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International Space Station Flight Schedule

as of October 20, 2019

Note: All scheduled dates are subject to frequent changes.

On Orbit: Expedition 61 Crew: Christina Hammock Koch, Aleksandr Skvortsov, Luca Parmitano, Andrew R. Morgan, Oleg Skripochka, Jessica Meir
Visiting Craft: HTV-8, Soyuz MS-15, Progress 73, Soyuz MS-13

Established Six Person Crew Capability in March/May 2009 by STS-119 (15A) and Soyuz TMA-15 (19S).

Date          Flight  Launch                     Cargo/Element(s)

Nov 2, 2019 NG-12 Cygnus CRS-12 Orb-12/Antares ISS CRS Flight Orbital 12 (OA-12) Nov , 2019 B-OFT1 Starliner 1/Atlas VN22 AV-080 CST-100, Boeing OFT uncrewed Test Dec 4, 2019 SpX-19 Dragon C22(CRS-19)/Falcon 9 ISS CRS Flight SpaceX 19, NanoRacks Airlock Module Dec 6, 2019 74P Progress MS-13/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Logistics Supply , 2019 Soyuz MS/Soyuz-2.1a (Commercial Mission) Jan , 2020 SpX-DM2 Dragon-2 DM-2/Falcon 9 1.1 Dragon-2 crewed Test (C203) Crew: Doug Hurley, Bob Behnken Jan , 2020 B-CFT1 Starliner 2/Atlas VN22 AV-082 CST-100, Boeing CFT crewed Test Crew: Edward Fincke, Christopher Ferguson, Nicole Aunapu Mann Feb 7, 2020 NG-13 Cygnus CRS-13 Orb-13/Antares ISS CRS Flight Orbital 13 (OA-13) Mar , 2020 SpX-20 Dragon C23(CRS-20)/Falcon 9 ISS CRS Flight SpaceX 20 Mar 20, 2020 62S Soyuz MS-16/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Expedition 62 Crew Part (3): Nikolai Tikhonov, Andrei Babkin, Akihiko Hoshide Apr 16, 2020 75P Progress MS-14/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Logistics Supply May , 2020 HTV-9 HTV/H-IIB JAXA ISS HTV-9 (Kounotori 9) May , 2020 USCV-1 Dragon 2/Falcon 9 v1.2 USCV 1 (Crew 1) Crew: Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Soichi Noguchi (optionally 1 more) Jul 15, 2020 76P Progress MS-15/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Logistics Supply Aug , 2020 SpX-21 Dragon C24(CRS-21)/Falcon 9 ISS, Bishop Airlock Module Sep , 2020 77P Progress MS-16/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Logistics Supply Oct , 2020 NG-14 Cygnus CRS-14 Orb-14/Antares ISS CRS Flight Orbital 14 (OA-14) Oct 21, 2020 63S Soyuz MS-17/Soyuz 2.1a Crew Transport Expedition 63 Crew Part (3): Anatoli Ivanishin, Ivan Vagner, Stephen Bowen Nov , 2020 USCV-2 Atlas VN22 Starliner 3 (USCV 2, CTS 1) Crew: Sunita Williams, Josh A. Cassada, Thomas Pesquet (ESA) Dec , 2020 78P Progress MS-17/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Logistics Supply Dec , 2020 3R Nauka/Proton M P4 Nauka Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MPLM), ERA , 2020 USCV-3 Dragon 2/Falcon 9 v1.2 USCV 3 (Crew 2) , 2021 EM-1 Artemis I/SLS Block I F1 Orion Lunar DRO Mar , 2021 64S Soyuz MS-18/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Expedition 64 Crew Part (3): TBD Apr , 2021 79P Progress MS-18/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Logistics Supply , 2021 USCV-4 Atlas VN22 Starliner 4 (USCV 4, CTS 2) Jul , 2021 80P Progress MS-19/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Logistics Supply Sep , 2021 65S Soyuz MS-19/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Sep , 2021 OFT 1/Atlas V412 Dreamchaser uncrewed test , 2021 OFT 2/Atlas V412 Dreamchaser crewed test , 2021 OFT 2/Atlas V412 Dreamchaser 2 , 2022 81P Progress MS-20/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Logistics Supply Feb , 2022 HTV-X1 HTV/H-IIB JAXA ISS HTV-10 (HTV X1, Kounotori 10) Mar , 2022 66S Soyuz MS-20/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Sep , 2022 67S Soyuz MS-21/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Sep , 2022 EM-2 Artemis II/SLS Block I F2 Orion Linar Flyby , 2022 6R Progress M-UM/Soyuz 2.1a ISS Assembly Supply (P303), Uzlovoy Universal Docking Module (UDM) , 2022 SPM 1 Proton-M P4 Science-Power Modul 1 , 2022 SPM 2 Proton-M P4 Science-Power Modul 2 Mar , 2023 68S Soyuz MS-22/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Sep , 2023 69S Soyuz MS-23/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Mar , 2024 70S Soyuz MS-24/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Sep , 2024 71S Soyuz MS-25/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport Mar , 2025 72S Soyuz MS-26/Soyuz-2.1a Crew Transport
International Space Station (ISS) flies in an orbit inclined 51.60 degrees to Earth's equator.

Dragon/Falcon (like formerly Shuttle) is launched from KSC/Florida, Cygnus/Antares (formerly Taurus) from Wallops Flight Facility/Virginia, Progress and Soyuz from Baikonur, ESA's ATV from Kourou, French Guiana.

Sources: Russian Space Web, Nasa JSC, and ESA.

Thanks to Bill Avery III for communicating many of these data! Thanks to J.R. Stockton for corrections and updates.

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