Leos Ondra has released this program. IMHO it is really a nice demonstration tool ! I recommend it to everyone who would like to get some feeling of the relative time scales for the various phases of stellar evolution for stars with different masses -- it is actually surprising (even if you longly know that) to visualize how short the massive stars live, how short stars are living as giants, and how fast they cross the HRD in critical phases. I'll use it in class as soon as there's occasion.
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The program may be obtained from the SEDS' ftp server archive: PC/Dos exe: Demo of Stellar Evolutionary Paths in the HR Diagram
sclock20.txt Description of Program : sclock20
Also note Leos Ondra's StarClock homepage

The physics used by this program is based on work by G. Meynet of Geneva Observatory. Fortran programs, results, and LaTeX articles related to this work could be found on the SEDS ftp server archive.
For the time being, we point you to the Geneva Observatory FTP server at (see README file, model z=0.001, z=0.004, z=0.008, z=0.020, z=0.040, model2Mdot).

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