Why nobody should use Windows

Windows has been commercially successful, and it appears that Microsoft always tries to suggest to all PC users, and especially buyers, that this is the standard, and a must, for every PC installation. While this view had some justification at the time before 1992, when the only affordable and functional alternative was pure Dos, which did not support a graphical user interface, it is now completely misleading, as a user can select between several systems, especially as several of them are superior to Windows in many respects.

There are two sorts of facts why I think it is important to view things differently:

  1. Microsoft Ethics
  2. Technological Viewpoints
For the ethical aspect, I don't want to buy products from a company which I could easily extend the list, but you probably know of these aspects yourself anyway. Certainly, this is concerning not only Windows.

Windows, in particular, was originally developed as the GUI for OS/2, i.e. as a predecessor of OS/2's Presentation Manager, when MS and IBM together developed OS/2 version 2. Microsoft managers saw that this would also sell well without the underlying advanced platform, took it out of OS/2, and ported it to Dos. While they were correct from the marketting standpoint, there was a price to be paid in technological respect:

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